Using the minute which is given to you in the IELTS speaking test part 2. Do’s and don’ts

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In IELTS part 2 you get 60 seconds to plan. What’s the best strategy?

Q: What’s the best way to use those 60 seconds planning time in IELTS speaking part 2?

A: The one you are most confident with and have practised the most! Follow these do’s and don’ts to find the strategy best for you.

Don’t: Go into the exam without a strategy and hope for the best.

Do: Go into the exam with your favourite strategy that you have carefully chosen, practised at least twenty times and which you are very happy with. Do: Feel confident in the exam.

What is the best way to use the 60 seconds before IELTS Speaking part 2?

I just answered the above question on Quora. Please take a look at my answer and the answers from other teachers.

Do: Choose your preferred strategy or experiment with two or three. Then practice it with at least twenty part 2 questions.

Do: Time yourself. Give yourself the full 60 seconds. Answer the question fully as you would in the real test.

Don’t: Wait to practice with your teacher in class. You can do effective planning practice with a mirror, a friend, or the recorder on your phone.

So you only have one week till the test; no problem you still got enough time to practise this twenty times.

Good luck with your test!

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