Recently people have been reporting IELTS questions about hair. Just before New Year, I had my hair done at my local salon, and I wanted to write about it here 
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This article will tell you two ways to go from a 7 band to an 8/9 band in IELTS speaking. It has some key secrets that native speakers know that you don’t. But if you read the article and do the exercises, you will have the secrets within the next 20 minutes.
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Watch this video on how to speak about colours in English with some rarer and idiomatic vocabulary for a high vocabulary score.
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Have you got a pen and paper ready so that you can give yourself one minute to prepare for the cue card? Here are the questions: Part 1 (Try to 
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In IELTS part 2 you get 60 seconds to plan. What’s the best strategy? Q: What’s the best way to use those 60 seconds planning time in IELTS speaking part 
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Is having an accent such a bad thing? Many students never learn to pronounce English words properly. I’m not talking about the sounds you make when you mispronounce a vowel or 
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Collocations are essential to speak naturally in English, and when learning collocations, Ozdic.com comes in handy. Ozdic.com allows you to enter a word and get all the most common collocations 
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