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Online language coaching FAQ…

What is this site for?

I help highly qualified people improve their English for career success, emigration, and high IELTS band scores.

What is different about my lessons?

Time Zone Convenience

I am in London time, so I can teach students in the East at convenient times after their work.


Together, in our first session, we can assess your level, determine a timescale to achieve your goals and make a plan.

Learn fast

My students learn fast because they are in control of their learning. My Skype classroom is an anxiety-free zone!

Kindness and Correction

I know you want an analysis of your errors. I give my students feedback on their errors, in detail, in a kind and supportive way.

What is English language coaching?

… an enjoyable process, where the coach and the learner have a highly motivating conversation. The learner is helped to find their own answers and solutions. Together the coach and learner design the course.

Is Let’s Talk IELTS for me?

YES! Because we will design your course together so that it exactly matches your

  • preferences for learning
  • motivation style
  • industry and role
  • time and availability
  • previous learning history, strengths and weaknesses
  • budget. It is designed to be the lowest priced way to get a course that is exactly tailored to you.

Why is online language coaching more effective than ordinary teaching?

We will break down the goals into manageable and achievable actions and results, therefore:

  • you will be more motivated
  • you will be following a plan
  • your anxiety about English will drop
  • you will make measurable progress.

How much does it cost

  • How much would it cost to create your own course, exactly for your needs, in time and money?
  • Divide that figure by 10.

I am your guide and coach, your life is the textbook. We can create the course together for maximum tailoring and cost-efficiency. Language coaching typically only costs $150 to $300 per month.  It is a not such a big investment to make because it is an efficient way to learn and it is my goal that you will eventually pay less to reach your goals than with regular online lessons.

The best way to experience this is through a LOW-COST trial session which you can book now:

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